Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Mission: Changing the stigma and the narrative associated with how society views people with criminal histories and how people with criminal histories view themselves.

We give these radical thinkers the chance to harness their creativity in a positive way by providing radical ideas to brands looking to break the mold.

In the process, we hope to shatter the stigma associated with 1/3 of the U.S. population who have criminal histories, provide people with a second chance to be valuable members of society and reduce recidivism

Outside of generating hundreds of ideas and strategies, these men and women are given a second chance to do something positive with their skill-sets, make a wage to pay back restitution, take care of their families, and become a contributing member of society. Help us to unleash the brilliance that is behind bars. Get involved by tagging #brilliancebehindbars #brilliancebehindandbeyondbars and reaching out to us via social media @ConCre8tes or by email info@concreates.com

ConCreates is a creative agency that crowdsources ideas and strategies from a network of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women across the country, providing, marketing, branding, PR and strategy for startups and corporations. Check us Out



Website: www.concreates.com
Email: janeyagriffin@concreates.com
Instagram: @concre8tes
Twitter: @concre8tes

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    Jan . 12 . 2018

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