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ConCreates is a creative agency that focuses on changing the stigma behind the term Felon, allowing the incarcerated to be viewed with compassion, empathy and as an asset and contribution to society. Creating opportunities which will not only change the lives of families, but provide great opportunities for people with criminal histories to use their current skill-set to contribute to society in a positive way, paying back restitution; motivating them to create wealth, steering them away from depression, and reducing recidivism.
The most unique aspect about ConCreates is that they crowdsource their ideas from a network of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women across the country, to create strategies and solutions for startups and corporations. These men and women, though in isolation are placed in a unique space, as they have a substantial amount of time to focus and utilize their skill-sets and their minds to come up with hundreds of strategies every day. Imagine having the ability to take an idea and have hundreds of brilliant minds simultaneously generate viable strategies that can be instantly implemented. ConCreates brings this to reality; and because of the social impact, they are helping people behind bars to express their talents in a positive and productive manner, giving them a platform to take care of their families, make a real wage and be prosocial contributors to society.
The House of Social Impact –
Title: Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Strategist
Website: www.concreates.com
Email: janeyagriffin@concreates.com
Instagram: @concre8tes
Twitter: @concre8tes

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